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  If you're looking for someone to add that final touch to your prized possession, then look no further! I can design a unique, custom look and allow you to stand apart from those "run-of-the-mill" paint schemes for your ride, helmet, or anything else.

   Artistic talent flows for generations in my family.  My grandmother was a portrait painter. My mother is a still life artist and an arts and crafts junkie. My father is a music director of more than 30 years.  I guess you can say I have drawn, colored, painted, carved, and played music since before I was old enough to walk.

    I've been airbrushing since I was 14 years old.  Always having an eye for custom cars, trucks, and bikes I started out airbrushing as a hobby on scale models and RC cars.  As I grew up so did my hobby, from scale models to full size vehicle and helmet work. It’s true what they say; “the difference between men and boys are the size of the toys!”

   Over the years now I have been fortunate enough to put my artwork on things like Drag Cars, Motorcycles, Custom Choppers,  Helmets, Golf Carts...etc.

    Anything you have will get my artistic skills sprayed on it.  My customers remain very happy with their decision to employ my skills with an airbrush, and so will you. .

From Jason
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